This page features samples of Flash and Fireworks projects completed for website graphics. What can we create for you?
NOTE: Some users will need to allow scripts to run on the webpage to see the graphics.

The River City Music Banner shows how sound and graphics can be combined to create a visual banner that holds the viewers attention. The music only plays once to prevent antagonizing the viewer. Clicking on the note in the lower left starts the music playing again.



Introducing Mallinckrodt Motel, owned and operated by my parents in Oklahoma City. While they are not open to the public, it is the best place in the world to get a home cooked meal. And now you can get free WiFi while you visit.



This flash project was part of a class assignment to create a banner for a pet store. There are two scenes here. Notice the waving plants and swimming fish in the first scene, then the ramdom flashing "sale" signs in the second scene.


Here is a second banner ad for Mark's Pet Shop. Here different graphics are used to randomly spin the letters into the title frame. You will also notice that the fish follow a random path across the tank.

Fireworks designs.


Check back soon for more projects.

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